Students Living with sleep deprivation, Poll suggests (march 2017, published)

by Larry Heng*

This article was written in 2017 and is story based on a public poll recorded at Ryerson University about sleep habits and student life. This article was published by the Ryersonian, a student based newspaper at Ryerson and is accompanied by infographics by another student.


In pictures: A look at the province-wide walkout at Ryerson (March 2019, published)

by Larry Heng

This is a thematic photo essay that was published by Ryerson Folio Magazine. It provides a glimpse at an important student walk-out that took place throughout Canada, and how it turned out at Ryerson University.


The Timeless age of film photography and the moments captured (December 2018, published)

by Larry Heng

This is a short personal essay that was written about the timeless and meaningful aspects of film photography. It outlines some personal struggles with creative expression and exhilarating moments I was able to captured once overcome. Published by Ryerson Folio Magazine.